Turn to Micro-Mark for model scenery supplies, including model trees, figures, turf, grass and model building materials. The beauty of a successfully executed model railroad scenery or military scene is in the details, and Micro-Mark has what you need to finish your layout or diorama to museum quality. Check out our selection of DVDs for expert instruction.

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Woodland Scenics® Privacy Fence N Scale
# 89304
Online Price $12.95
Woodland Scenics® Privacy Fence HO Scale
# 89305
Online Price $14.95
Woodland Scenics® Privacy Fence O Scale
# 89306
Online Price $19.95
Woodland Scenics Course Turf Bag - Earth
# 88405
Online Price $4.95
Woodland Scenics Flowers - 4 Colors
# 88406
Online Price $5.95
Woodland Scenics Lichen - Light Green Mix
# 88408
Online Price $19.95
Woodland Scenics Foliage Light Green
# 88410
Online Price $6.95