4-piece Super-Fine Titanium-Plated Ophthalmologist's Forceps/Tweezer Set

Item #: 88591
List Price $90.00
Our Price $84.95
List Price $90.00
Our Price $84.95

This terrific set contains the 4 specialized titanium-plated forceps most-favored by ophthalmologists while performing eye-related surgeries. With the luster and durability of titanium, these super-fine-tipped, non-serrated forceps/tweezers have perfectly mating halves for ultimate precision. These premium-quality tools are made exclusively for Micro-Mark by a leading manufacturer of surgical-quality implements.

Set includes:

2 Rose Gold Titanium Forceps, each with 3 pairs of stamped holes in the handle for reduced weight and non-slip grip. Raised 1/4" flat shoulders inside the tip halves provide extra gripping power. Rose Gold Forceps are 3-1/2" and 4-1/4" long overall.

2 Dynamic Blue Titanium Forceps, one featuring a super-fine, shouldered and angled tip, weight-reducing oblong cut-out, and grooved gripping area; the other is a Boley-style, featuring a long nose and super-fine, non-shouldered, pointed tip. Dynamic Blue Forceps are 3-5/8" and 4-3/4" long overall.

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