Old Modern Handicrafts, American Civil War Artillery Model, Pre-built Model

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New Item! $83.95
New Item! $83.95

Scholars of the Civil War will delight in this miniature cannon, modeled on the type used at the hour of America’s greatest peril. Formidably elegant, it is handcrafted from metal and accurate to the era, scaled down to 12 x 6 x 6 inches. A rich coppery patina on the barrel and trail is set off exquisitely by blackened iron on the wheels. This handsome model makes an ideal gift and statement piece for the bureau, mantel, or bookshelf.

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Artillery was a dangerous and often unreliable gambit in the American Civil War. Canons were remarkably heavy, had to be operated by teams of multiple soldiers, and required mules or horses to move into position. About nine men and six animals were needed per weapon. A wide range of different models were used on the battlefield and could variously fire solid shot, explosive shells, or case shrapnel. This model cannon commemorates the sacrifices and glories of the past in miniature.

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