Variable Speed Band Saw Blades

Item #: 8220m
$24.95 to $129.95
$24.95 to $129.95

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Diamond Blades #82209 cut bone with amazing precision!
  • Cuts Bone, mild steel, soft metals, plastic, and more
  • Adjust cutting speed based on material
  • Works with Micro-Mark’s variable speed mini band saw
  • Diamond blade is our toughest blade we offer
  • A Micro-Mark Exclusive
  • Note: All toothed blades will cut mild steel, soft metals, wood and plastics. For metal cutting operations our #82211 Cooling System is highly recommended to extend blade life and prevent work hardening of the material being cut; cooling system is also required for cutting with diamond blade.

    Blade selection is based on material hardness, cutting speed and finish. Use coarse-toothed 14 tpi (teeth per inch) blades for fast, aggressive cutting of thick or soft materials. Use fine-toothed 24 tpi blades for smooth cuts in thin or hard materials. Wide blades are best for straight cuts and narrow blades best for curves. A 0.062” wide blade will cut a minimum radius of 3/32”; 0.138” wide a 3/8” radius; 0.180” wide a ¾” radius; and 0.250” wide a 1 inch radius.

    Diamond Blades #82209 cut bone with amazing precision!

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Wood Dust which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to:

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    Band Saw Blades

    It's a decent saw...


    It's a nice enough saw. It's a bit too high priced though, unless it were included with an air blower or light, or both.
    <br>It is small, which I like, because it takes little space. It's as versatile as any other band saw, with a tilting table and miter fence guide. What I would like to see as improvements are two things: One, to have a deeper throat to allow for larger pieces to be cut, and two, the variable speed needs to be able to go to a lower surface feet per second speed, so harder metals can be cut, or plastics can be cut so they do not melt.I struggled with giving three or four stars. It's not a five star saw. I gave it a three, though it's about a 3 and 3/4 stars, maybe.