Car Routing System Starter Pack

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List Price $37.55
Our Price $34.95

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Use Our Car Routing System to Operate Your Layout Like a Real Railroad

Realistic operation greatly increases the the overall realism of both your individual models and your model railroad as a whole. With our Car Routing System and our instruction book (included), you'll learn how to use your railroad models in a manner that truly reflects their realism and capabilities. Our Car Routing System is realistic, flexible, and versatile, and requires no special equipment, such as a computer, to set up or maintain. And it's so widely used, many of your visiting operators will be already familiar with it.

#82916 Car Routing System Starter Pack includes: 100 each car cards,waybills, and bad order slips, 25 locomotive cards, 4 three-compartment billboxes, plus basic instructions to get your operations started.

I just received my order for the Car Routing System and I don't know how you sell this set at this price. The wooden bill boxes are works of art. I could never approach their quality if I tried to make them myself.
Allan B.

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