European Body Art’s Transfusion Blood Collection, The Blood, Vial

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List Price $79.00
Our Price $8.95

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European Body Art’s Transfusion Blood Collection, The Blood Vile

Unlike most syrup based bloods, Transfusion Blood dries fast, doesn’t bead and it is not sticky. It dries completely to a high gloss finish giving it the appearance of gooey wet blood. Moreover, the Transfusion blood can maintain its shape even after drying providing the ability to create effects such us dripping blood, blood spills and deep wound bleeding.

The Transfusion Blood Collection is designed, tested and made in the USA by European Body Art in compliance with FDA requirements.

10 milliliter vial.
European Body Art’s Transfusion Blood

  • Unique cellulose based formula

  • Fast drying

  • Wet glossy finish

  • Waterproof

  • Dry to touch

  • Smudge/transfer proof

  • Syrup and sorbitol free

  • Removable with makeup remover

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