HO Truck Tuner and Truck Spreading Plier Set

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List Price $50.90
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This set combines two tools that work perfectly together, our #82838 HO Truck Tuner and #87936 HO Truck Spreading Plier, for one money-saving price!

Our Truck Tuner reconditions your HO gauge railroad truck bearings so cars roll smoother with less friction. Simply insert the tool in place of a wheelset and rotate the shank. Truck Tuner's extra-sharp tool-steel cutter reshapes the bearing to the NMRA's recommended 60-degree contour and cleans out burrs and grime. Repeat for all bearings and your car is ready to really roll. Increases train lengths that locomotives can pull by up to 20%! For HO standard gauge trucks only.

Manufactured to precise tolerances, our hand-ground, individually produced
HO Truck Spreading Pliers are designed to slip between opposite ends of the wheel axle and backside of truck journal boxes when the jaws are nearly closed. A special compression spring offers just the right amount of resistance when you squeeze the plier, gently spreading the truck journals apart and causing the wheel set to effortlessly slip from the truck. Re-installation of the wheel set is just as easy. For HO standard gauge trucks only.

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