Landscape Pyrography Techniques and Projects Book, by Lora S. Irish

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Our Price $19.95

Nationally recognized artist and pyrographer Lora S. Irish reveals her easy-to-learn methods for working in layers to obtain stunning results. You'll learn how to use contrasting tonal values to create dramatic depth in any landscape, scenery, or wildlife wood burning. Inside Landscape Pyrography Techniques & Projects, Lora introduces you to many different aspects of burning, and guides you through small practice patterns so you can discover and apply all the techniques. Learn about pen tips, temperature settings, fill patterns, and everything else you need to burn interesting, textured, lifelike landscapes.

Lora shows beginning pyrographers how to develop the burning process by laying one layer over another to slowly bring each area up to its final tonal value. By working a design in low or medium temperatures and adding successive layers, you can obtain total control over your final scene.

She also includes expert advice on basic tools, supplies, and techniques, along with 4 skill-building projects that provide step-by-step practice in using temperature, time, layering, and texturing. Discover easy-to-learn methods for working in layers to obtain stunning results, a step-by-step Advertising Barn project, and dozens of ready-to-use patterns with finished examples.

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