Micro-Mark Premier Elite 15-piece Micro Chisel and Gouge Set

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List Price $199.95
Our Price $179.95
List Price $199.95
Our Price $179.95

The all-in-one carving set you've been asking for has now arrived!

Introducing the Micro-Mark® Premier Elite Micro Chisel and Gouge Assortment - Ultimate Carving Tools for the Discerning Craftsperson

This exceptional and most useful 15-piece collection of our outstanding and acclaimed Premier Elite Chisels and Gouges allows the user to jump right into the world of wood carving. Perfect for gift giving or for yourself, these professional-quality tools are just what you need to fully enjoy this rewarding craft. Whether you're new to carving or a seasoned veteran, these beautiful tools are in a class of their own and are sure to become favorites in your shop.

Micro-Mark Premier Elite 15-piece Micro Chisel and Gouge Set includes three Skew Chisels, 1 mm, 2.5 mm and 4 mm; three Straight Chisels, 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm; two Radius Chisels, 3 mm left and 3 mm right; one Specialty Needle Point Angled Chisel; two Dogleg Straight Chisels, 1 mm and 3 mm, two #8 U Gouges, 2 mm and 4 mm; and two V Gouges, 2 mm and 4 mm. This exclusive set also includes a custom-designed, foam-lined, slide-out drawer case and outer sleeve for safe keeping and transport in style.

Micro-Mark Tip: If you're just starting out in wood carving, be sure to check out our Books section under Hobby Supplies or simply search "carving" to see our full selection of helpful reference guides.

For years, Micro-Mark customers have been asking us for an expansion line to our super-popular 7-Piece Stainless Steel Chisel Set. After much work to develop an exclusive selection, we are proud to introduce The Premier Elite Line of Chisels and Gouges by Micro-Mark. Over a 2-year period, we designed and tested a wide variety of materials, shapes and designs to provide our customers with the best micro hand-chiseling tools on the market in terms of quality, durability and utility. We then secured a manufacturer with decades of experience, capable of meeting or exceeding our requirements for consistently high workmanship. We are pleased to say that we have not been disappointed, and neither will you!

Expertly crafted from premium Japanese and French stainless steels and combined with titanium, each top-quality chisel and gouge is hand-honed to perfection. Their unique handle design employs a joined deep diamond knurling with lateral channels that provide a positive gripping area for precise control. Unless otherwise noted, each tool is 6-1/2" long with 3/8" diameter handle. Premier Elite chisels feature an extremely low profile of approximately 25 degrees. These exceptional and handsome tool sets will provide the precision and long-life that enthusiasts demand and deserve.

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