MicroLux® Blank Blade Plates, Set of 4

Item #: 84904
List Price $30.00
Our Price $24.95
List Price $30.00
Our Price $24.95

Blank Blade Plates are Ideal for Cutting Thin Strips of Wood

Fits #80463 MicroLux® Tilting Arbor Table Saw only.

The MicroLux® Tilt Arbor Saw has a gap alongside the blade which permits the blade to be tilted. But this gap allows thin strips of wood to fall through the table. To eliminate the gap, install the blank plate and raise the blade to cut a new slot. Now thin strips of wood will stay above the table where they belong. Works on saws with 5-3/8 inch long blade plates only. Package of 4.

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MicroLux Blank Blade Plates, Set of 4

Plastic insert for your table saws, for zero clearance.


The best blade acc. that I use. I had first made my own for awhile and it worked very good. When I had called in one time to place some tool orders I asked the lady if they had something like this. She said Micro Mark did not at that time have anything like that. I told her about the couple I had made and that I thought it would be a great product idea for the style of table saw I purchased from them. And I was surprised to see that later that year they had the plastic insert available for my table saw. And it fit better than the ones I've been making on my own. So Thank You Micro Mark! The table saw I have uses the two hole metal blade guard that covers the hole in the table top. Think today the table saw they sell has a four hole mounting plate, so when ordering make sure you get the one that fits your table saw. Thanks for listening to your customers and the service you give!