Mini Machinist's Vise, 1-1/2 Inch Capacity

Item #: 60297
Our Price $34.95
Our Price $34.95

Well-Made Miniature Machinist's Vise at an Economical Price

Our clamp-on Miniature Machinist's Vise holds all types of small components securely. Smooth jaws won't mar your work the way serrated-jaw vises can. Made of cast iron with machined jaw faces and twin guide rods to keep jaws parallel. Includes a handy anvil surface for hammering. Clamps to benches up to 1 inch thick. Jaws are 1-1/2 inches wide with 1-1/2 inch capacity.

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My vise from the 70's.


Solid steel. The same thing I had in the late 70's. 5-Stars all the way. You kill someone with this thing. Just hit them on the head with it.
<br>It's really heavy, how much, I have no idea. Maybe, 5lbs.? Anyway. I'm buying a new one. And hide from my brothers. Who stole the first one I had. Dicks... 🛵.•°°°°



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A real sold and well built vise I plan on buying a couple more