O scale decals with raised 3D rivets and other surface details

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Our Price $18.95
Our Price $18.95

Add Raised (3D) Rivet Heads and Other Details to Any Surface . . . Easily, Quickly and Economically!

One of the most difficult, cumbersome and tedious of all building tasks has been the addition of surface details, such as rivet heads, to model surfaces. Rivet patterns had to be planned, fixtured, then embossed by mechanical means on flat surfaces, which later had to be formed into final shape. Make one mistake, and all your hard work had to be discarded. To solve this problem, Micro-Mark, in a 4-year program, directed its engineering talents into producing yet another revolutionary model building technique: a way to apply these surface details quickly, easily and inexpensively. We've developed a way to produce scale size, raised rivet heads and other surface details, such as grillwork and louvers, realistically 3-dimensioned and contoured, on the surface of our blank decal paper. To add this detail to your model, simply cut out and apply like any other decal...it's that easy! Apply under or over paint to produce the exact effect you desire. Apply to plastic, wood, metal or any other surfaces...up and over curved surfaces as well as in the flat. Apply to model railroad equipment sides, ends, floors and roofs. Apply to military models, model buildings, bridges, watercraft and airplanes. Figure modelers can use our surface details as buttons and other details. The decals can be shifted during application for precise location, or, if you wish to make a change, simply clean them from the surface of the model and start again. They're also economical...each package contains over 108 square inches (two HUGE 6 inch x 9 inch decal sheets) of several different rivet patterns in both straight lines and curves, plus bonus louvers and grillwork. Although described as for HO scale (typically for model railroad use), they are useful across various scales for the type and size of surface details needed for your model.Made in the USA.

I want to thank you over the years for the outstanding products you provide.

I made a scratch built brass HO scale locomotive for the NMRA Achievement Program (the engine is yet to be evaluated by judges) and one of your products helped make that project possible -- your 3-D HO scale rivet decals! I never could have achieved the realism of perfect rivets on the tender and cab without these 'rivets.' . . . This product is truly an outstanding innovation many of us in scale modeling have dreamt about. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results and I have been modeling in HO scale since the late 1940's!

Again, thanks for your help in providing quality products for those of us who need and want precision products for our projects.

John P., Manassas, VA

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