Reciprocating Carving Hand Piece

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List Price $86.32
Our Price $76.95

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Reciprocating Carving Hand Piece

This reciprocating chisel handpiece is for carving in all types of wood, plastic, plaster and soft carving stone. It connects to a key tip quick disconnect flexible shaft machine like our 85288. Simply pull the hand piece off of the cable (with the motor unplugged) and insert this hand piece in its place. The handle converts the rotary action of the driven cable into reciprocating ‘hammer’ type handpiece that requires a light pressure to start the hammering chisel action. It has a stroke length of 1/8″ (3.2mm). The textured plastic barrel & tapered aluminum front end provide comfort and zero hammering feedback into the user’s hand.

For optimum performance use between 1,000 – 8,000 RPM. TIP: We also recommend using a dial speed control, in place of a foot pedal, to run steady within the recommended lower end of the speed range of our 85288. See our 88343 Table Top Speed Control.

Handpiece Specifications:

  • 6″ long, 1″ diameter

  • 4.6 oz, (6.65 oz packaged weight)

  • Includes 6 chisels that have 18mm long tangs and 55mm and 75mm overall lengths – from cutting edge to end of tang. and includes: 3/8” straight, 11/32 45° skew, ¼” V gouge and 3/8” wide #3, #7 and 3/16” #10 U gouges

Also includes lube, collet wrench and instructions.
Must only be used in a forward motor direction only such as our 85288 Flex Shaft Machine the normally spins the hand piece chuck counter-clockwise.

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