2mm "Tight Spot" Plastic Modeler's Chisel

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Our Price $21.95
Our Price $21.95

Special "Tight Spot" Chisel Removes Plastic Details You Don't Want

Upgrade your injection molded plastic models by removing the unsightly, out-of-scale details manufacturers sometimes include. Now you can eliminate handrails, rivet heads, seam lines, chrome trim, hood ornaments and other unwanted details easily, even in tight spaces. The 2mm wide, hand-ground cutting edge has slightly rounded corners so you won't gouge adjacent areas and is effective in places ordinary chisels would never fit. The no-slip handle and hefty feel give you precise control over the cutting force. Made exclusively for Micro-Mark of polished, surgical quality stainless steel. Ideal for use on miniature woodworking projects as well. Approximately 6-1/2 inches long.

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Solid Tool

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I've been using this to remove moldlines from resin in hard to reach areas, as well as unwanted details. It works really well. It felt a bit heavy at first but it's balanced so it's a bit easier to push the chisel end along. If you have small hands it might be a bit harder to get used to. I wish it were also available in a 1 mm size! It's a really nice solid tool, very well made, good quality, definitely something that's good for working with miniatures/models