2mm "Tight Spot" Plastic Modeler's Chisel

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Our Price $21.95
Our Price $21.95

Special "Tight Spot" Chisel Removes Plastic Details You Don't Want

Upgrade plastic models by removing unsightly, out-of-scale molded-in details sometimes included by manufacturers. The hand-ground 2 mm wide cutting edge easily removes unwanted details and the sturdy, non-slip handle gives you precise control over cutting force. Made exclusively for Micro-Mark of polished, surgical-quality stainless steel, this chisel is also useful for mini woodworking projects. Approx. 6-1/2” long.

Note: If desired, the outer edges of the chisel may be rounded slightly with fine sandpaper or a honing stone to prevent gouging of surfaces in surrounding areas.

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Solid Tool

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I've been using this to remove moldlines from resin in hard to reach areas, as well as unwanted details. It works really well. It felt a bit heavy at first but it's balanced so it's a bit easier to push the chisel end along. If you have small hands it might be a bit harder to get used to. I wish it were also available in a 1 mm size! It's a really nice solid tool, very well made, good quality, definitely something that's good for working with miniatures/models