45-Degree Thin Beam Square

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Our Price $19.95
Our Price $19.95

Special 45-Degree Square for Marking and Cutting Thin Materials

It's a new angle (45-degrees, to be exact) on our most popular machinist's / hobby square!

Use our 45-Degree Thin Beam Square to mark and cut thin wood and plastic. The extra-thin profile of the beam allows the blade to stay in close contact with the surface of the workpiece, so scribe lines and knife cuts will be super accurate (see the image of our Thin Beam Square as compared to a traditional square at left). Works on sheet and strip stock up to 2-3/4" inches wide* and as thin as 1/16". Blade and beam are 3/4" wide. Made of ground steel to Micro-Mark specifications.

*Micro-Mark Tips: You can mark and cut materials up to 5-1/2" wide by starting on one edge of the material and then flipping the square over to the opposite edge and continuing the marking line or cut. Can also be used to adjust table saw blades with tilting arbors to 45° quickly and accurately.

5” long blade with a 4” beam

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