Beam Air Filter Fume Extractor

Item #: 89588
Super Buy Price! $899.95
Super Buy Price! $899.95

Beam Air Filter Fume Extractor significantly reduces airborne particles making your laser cutter safe to use indoors!

The exhaust fan aids in evacuating fumes from the internal workspace of your laser cutter while filtering out the majority of contaminants. Beam Air Filter is universal and works with most indoor laser cutters. *Note: Duct hose not included.

Beam Air Fume Extractor Specifications:

  • System Flow 353 CFM - 195 CFM

  • Air Infelt Interface Φ 100mm

  • Product Size 37*26*45 cm (14.57" x 10.24" x 17.72")

  • Package Size 49*37*50 cm (19.29" x 14.57" x 19.69")

  • Weight 17kg (37.5 lb)

  • Voltage AC110V & AC220V

  • Power 130W

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