MicroLux Acrylic Brush-On Paints, 2 Oz Bottles, 10 Colors

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List Price $8.95
Our Price $7.95

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Superior Quality Acrylic Hobby Brush-On Paint in Popular Modeling Colors
  • Top 10 colors in economy-size 2-ounce bottles
  • Blended by expert acrylic paint formulators Acrylicos Vallejo to Micro-Mark specifications
  • Color matched to PollyScale paint samples. Labeled with PollyScale color names for easy cross-reference.
  • Water-based for safety and easy clean-up
  • Finely-ground pigments for smooth application and superior coverage without showing brush strokes, even over large areas
  • Extraordinary adhesion to all surfaces, including plastic, resin, steel and white metal
  • State-of-the-art acrylic resin for durable finish
  • Plastic squeeze bottle with dropper-style tip for easy dispensing<
  • Practically no odor
  • Flat finish

Customer Reviews of This Item Average: 41Microlux Brush Paint, 2 Oz

Microlux Brush Paint, 2 Oz

Consider Thinning


I used the brush-on paint in Engine Black to paint an industrial smokestack
<br>(an acrylic tube with "joints" scribed in). The paint perfectly color matched other work using Polly Scale paint. The dried finish is flatter. From the bottle, however, the paint was thick, hard to apply in a smooth coat and obliterated all the scribe lines. Adding a pipette (MicroMark 81607) of Liquitex Flow-Aid made the paint work smoothly and thin enough to leave the scribe lines clearly visible while still covering well.