One To One Rapid Mold Rubber

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List Price $45.00
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One To One Rapid Mold Rubber - A general purpose mold rubber that is easy to mix
  • Create molds without heat with RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing)
  • Ideal for making duplicate parts using 1 part and 2 part molds
  • Easy to mix and an economical general purpose mold rubber
  • De-airs without a vacuum, cures in 4 hours
  • This silicon rubber can cast metal parts with detail
Our two-part liquid RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing . . . cures without heat) silicone mold rubber is ideal for making duplicate parts with our casting resins. To make a mold, mix parts A and B together and pour into a mold box containing your pattern. After curing, the mold is soft and pliable and reproduces every detail of your pattern. And, because it is genuine silicone rubber (withstands up to 600 degrees F short-term; 450 degrees F continuous), you can use these molds to cast small metal parts with our low-temperature alloys. Instructions for making molds are included.

ONE-to-ONE / RAPID is an economical general purpose mold rubber that is easy to mix: Simply stir equal volumes of A and B together and pour. Use many times to make multiple resin castings, even those with slight undercuts. 30 minute pot life, 4 hour cure. De-airs without vacuum. 3.2 lb. kit contains approx. 32 fl. oz. total material. Tin cure.

*Note: Not compatible with platinum cure silicones.

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One To One Rapid Mold Rubber

Couldn't ask for more


Micro-Mark mold rubber is superior to other brands I've used. 1-to-1 mixing is easier than 10-to-1 measuring. Just a few sharp taps during the pouring process leaves no bubbles in the mold. Curing the mold can be hastened with a heat gun or hairdryer. The finished mold captures great detail and handles undercuts without tearing. Once cured, it remains flexible. Heating the mold before pouring in resin reduces the curing time of the resin. I have several molds that are going on three years now and are still viable.