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3-Piece Tracklaying Tool Set With Canvas Pouch

Item #: 84366
List Price $75.50
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List Price $75.50
Super Buy Price! $69.95

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The Best Tools for Handlaying Track

We not only improved our already great spiking plier, but designed a spike removal plier as well. Add our rail cutter, and you've got a set of tools that will make handlaying smooth model railroad track a pleasure instead of a chore.

Special Offer!

Buy our Spike Insertion Plier (#82839), Spike Removal Plier (#82840) and Track Cutter (#80337) together, and we'll give you the custom-tailored canvas Tool Pouch (#82865) for FREE!

#84366 Tracklaying Tool Set includes one each of the following:

  • Our #82839 Spike Insertion Plier is manufactured with special dies that form perfect T-shaped grooves in the jaw faces. Spikes nestle perfectly into these grooves, and only a gentle squeeze of the handles is needed to hold them securely. The nose is specially contoured to push spikes home without slipping off and damaging the railhead or ties, and the comfortable grips let you spike for hours without fatigue. Your trackwork will be smooth and trouble-free. Works with all brands and gauges of spikes Z through O. Custom-made in the USA to our specifications by Xuron.

  • Our #82840 Spike Removal Plier has special die-formed jaws that grip spike heads securely and make removal easy. Just grab the spike head and pull. Custom-made in the USA to our specifications by Xuron.

  • Our #80337 Rail Cutting Plier cuts brass and nickel-silver rail cuts so clean and square you'll need virtually no touch-up work with a file. Works on rail up to code 100 (.100 inch high).

  • #82865 custom-tailored durable canvas Tool Pouch protects your tracklaying tools from damage. Hook-and-loop fastener keeps pouch securely closed during transport and storage. Designed to hold two Spiking Pliers and one Track Cutter, but can be used for other 6 inch long pliers as well.

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