Micro Sprue Cutting Plier

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Our Price $24.95
Our Price $24.95

Combining the fit-anywhere size, cutting precision and control of our Despruing Tweezer with the extra leverage and familiar feel of a plier, the Micro-Mark Modeler's Micro Sprue Cutting Plier is the perhaps the most versatile tool you will find for removing plastic parts from their trees. Low 10-degree cutting angle makes the cleanest flush cuts, even in the tightest locations. Super-sharp, ultra-thin blades minimize parts breakage and shear the most delicate sprues with zero distortion and stress-free cutting action. Unique stop-pin limits opening action as desired and spring return handles have the just-right feel of a finely-tuned instrument. Durable blades have a hardened cutting edge with a Rockwell hardness of 58 +/- 2. For plastic sprues only.

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Modelers Micro Sprue Cutting Pliers

Excellent for close quarters!

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I have found these nippers to be excellent for cutting small parts from plastic runners because I can get so close there is little to no sanding required to clean up the part, especially when you learn to turn them over to get as close as possible. Also the part does not fly across the room as with X-acto. Make sure you use them only for plastic, as I cut thin metal wire and it left a chink in the blade making them useless for minute cutting of plastic.

Modelers Micro Sprue Cutting Pliers

God Hand Tier Nippers A++++++++


I found this nipper off a gunpla subreddit. The guy who wrote about these nippers swore up and down they are on the same level as the well reviewed GodHand nippers. He even had a video of the side by side comparison. I went and took the plunge and bought them. They are exactly as good as what he said and for half the price. I have gone through 2 HG kits and 1 RG Gundam kit and they cut so smooth. You have to remember to use these slowly. Don’t cut it too quick. Cut them slowly and you will see less stress marks on the runner. All the colored runners I have used these on have been stress free if you use them how your supposed to. BUY THIS IF YOU ARE BUILDING ANY TYPE OF KITS!