Boost Liquid Fortifier 16oz

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Our Price $17.95
Our Price $17.95
Bulletproof foam? Not yet, but this is about as close as you will get. When Boost liquid fortifier is mixed with Hotwire Foam Coat (#87642 or #87643) it makes it incredibly strong and weatherproof, plus makes it stick to almost anything!

MIXING: Mix with 50% water for maximum strength. Thin more where less strength is needed. Always add the Foam Coat to the liquid. Start with 1 part liquid to 3 parts Foam Coat, and thin or thicken as desired. Thinning the Foam Coat with more Boost will not weaken it.

APPLYING: Fill large cracks and holes with pasty mixture. To coat large areas, add more liquid until thin enough to apply with a paint brush. May be applied as thick as 3/8 inch, but multiple coats are stronger. Try texturing surface before coating sets.

SET TIME: Use within 10 minutes. Sets hard in 30 minutes. Add acrylic paint to extend use time. Maximum bond and hardness in 24 hours.

CLEAN-UP: Immediately clean tools and brushes with soapy water. Boost cannot be removed once dry.

FINISHING: May be painted or stained.

Suggested Dilutions Boost:Water
Super Strong: 1:1
Very Strong: 1:2
Strong: 1:3

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